We have a large range of aerials available to cover every aspect of your reception requirements. Not every job needs to have a high gain TV aerial fitted, nor does it need to be amplified. In most cases, a basic digital aerial will work perfectly.

For a free no obligation quotation and an aerial at the lowest price possible give us a call.



4G/LTE Filtered Aerials

Both 4G mobile services and digital TV use parts of the radio spectrum that are next to each other.

Freeview TV sets and set-top boxes may have their service blocked by 4G signals, you are most likely to have problems if you live close to a new 4G mast, live in a weak reception area or use a TV signal booster. 4G/LTE aerials are specifically designed to filter out 4G signal interference.



We can cater for all your Sky needs. Whether you are looking to sign up as a new subscriber, moving house or if you have been told that you can’t get a signal, we can help. 99% of the time, we will find a way of obtaining a satellite signal for you. We service or repair sky systems from dishes to cables to boxes. Do you want to watch and control Sky TV in other rooms? No problem! We can do this for you.


Freesat+ with Freetime gives you the new Smart TV Guide for easier access to all programs and recordings with a 7 day catch up.

You can now go back and watch shows that have already been on in the past 7 days (on selected channels). All this plus Freesat+HD features.


Watch and record Digital TV, Radio and 11 HD channels. You can record two channels at the same time as well as being able to pause and rewind live TV. With over 200 digital channels completely subscription free.

Freesat HD

Choose any Freesat HD device and get 11 channels in incredible High Definition picture quality, as well as all the great freesat channels.

All you need is a satellite dish installed and you’re ready to watch TV your way.

European and Motorised Satellite Systems

We can fully install and service fixed or motorised satellite systems for you. We only use the best equipment so that your system will last for many years to come. Our  engineer has over 35 years experience in the industry so you can feel rest assured that he will get the job done perfectly the first time round. We also offer low cost servicing and repairs so if your system has stopped working we can help